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by awolberg, 269 days ago

Hey folks,

So Holy took the time to get this great website going (claps for him)! Here are the first few things to do so you are successfully integrated into the site. It is planned that we will use this site to help manage guild events and raid scheduling.  

1) Click Register at the top right, and make an account. Your displayed name does not need to directly match your main character - though that helps with quick identification when posting here. After setting up an account and password, the site will ask for a guild code. If at the point of registration there has been no update as to what that code is, then enter the name of your current main character. The purpose is for Holy to review the account and verify that you are indeed a part of the guild. You can request to receive an email when you account is approved, I suggest doing this just to be sure when it's complete.

2) Once Holy has approved your account, you will have the ability to "claim" characters from the guild roster. This links your account with the characters that are pre-populated to the website. Go to Guid Roster->Characters at the top left banner. Under the spec of each character on the right is a small "claim" link. Go through and add your main/alts by clicking the claim button for each.

3) Now you are in the system! Eventually we will be playing around with the site to make the most of its many features. I recommend you do the same. Take a look at all the tabs and pages. Let us know what you hope to see or thoughts on the site as a whole. We are currently exploring this site to make it the best it can be for Legion in the fall. 

4) Use the Chat feature to talk with guildies when you aren't logged into WoW! It doesn't save history so each time you load the page you will lose the previous messages. However it is a neat way to collectively communicate outside of WoW without using back-and-forth forum posts.


I hope this makes sense as a welcoming to Holy's birthchild! If you have any questions, feel free to message Holy, Stashio, or me on here or on a character. I'm still relatively new to the guild but I already feel a part of the community, so thank you for your quick inclusion and I cannot wait to see how that gets even stronger in the future.

All the best,


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